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The Employee Experience: creating organisations where people belong, find meaning, and co-create astonishing human achievements.


Led by 'Mr Employee Experience', Ben Whitter, CEO & Founder, World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI), this entire workshop, which has been successfully delivered to hundreds of colleagues worldwide, is focused on the ‘experience’ of work.


Everything from pre-hire to retire is in scope. We will discover how to build outstanding employee experiences that contribute strongly to our key business metrics. Experiential organisations are more profitable, more productive, and more engaging businesses. It is no accident. It is designed that way. Come and take part in this journey, working with your colleagues and the facilitator, to learn how to create organisations where our people truly thrive and deliver astounding results. This is a very ‘human’ experience.

Key Learning Objectives
  • What is the right employee experience approach for a particular context?

  • How do you build employee experiences that help deliver superior engagement and performance levels? 

  • Where do we start with this from here and now?

  • What does this really mean for senior HR leaders?

Who Will Benefit?
  • Senior Team, HR Team, General Managers, Internal Communications Team, Estates Team, Facilities Team, Marketing Team 

Experience Delivery Team

Each member of our team around the World is either a current or former practitioner. They are at the leading-edge of employee experience and it shows in their award-winning standards and progressive approach in the organisations and with the people they serve. They have worked with employees to deliver exceptional experiences. They are stand-out leaders through their example & impact.

EX Themes & Modules

Contextualising and Re-Engineering the Employee Experience


Global & Local Employee Experience Insights – Leading by Example

Setting the context, this module provides insights on progress within the global EX movement citing a range of leading examples from organisations that have invested significantly in their infrastructure, workplace design, technology, and the day-to-day ‘experience’ of work for employees. The module will also look at the local context with insight sharing and great examples from within the group of excellent ‘experiences’ within work.


The Best Experience Ever- Re-Engineering Our Organisations & Rewiring HR

Introducing the 3D Employee Experience™ transformation model. A holistic focus on the employee experience demands a new approach in the way our support services operate and work together on a day-to-day basis. This module explores the mindset, vision, and values that are required to deeply embed an ‘experiential’ approach. Building the best structure and leadership for EX is critical, this module will co-create some high impact ways to unlock the potential of EX.


Co-Creating & Leading Amazing Employee Experiences


The Employee Experience Journey- From Pre-hire to Retire

Organisations that are getting ahead are deliberately and intentionally creating workplaces where people belong and find deep meaning through an ‘experiential’ approach. Investment in the workplace environment, technology, and culture make a massive difference to business performance. As research shows, this difference creates superior results across major business metrics such as profitability, productivity, and customer satisfaction. This module will get us thinking like EX designers as we put the human at the centre of the workplace to build a compelling, differentiated and authentic employee experience. Our exploration will cover the key elements that strengthen our connection and community based on our context.


The ‘Experiential’ Leader- Purpose, Profit, and Performance

Experience is Everything. Leadership remains a huge and immensely valuable factor in the creation of winning organisations. This module delves deep into the leadership element of the EX eco-system to ensure our investment in the employee experience is fully connected and aligned with our leadership approach. You could create a highly ‘engaging’ experience of work, but the ‘experience’ that your leaders deliver every day could be accelerating your progress or holding your organisation back. We will look at this from an organisational and individual level to help deliver superior outcomes in practice.


Enjoy the Experience! 

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