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"In 2016, I attended Europe’s first employee experience conference in London, which Ben chaired and co-designed; it was the best HR event I have ever attended. 


Ben is inspiring like-minded individuals across the globe to work together to develop their thinking about the employee experience and to share experiences of making this work – this is shaping the way we deliver the whole experience of work in the future. Working with Ben has convinced me that we are on the cusp of big changes in the way we deliver this experience for our employees – this is not just for HR to deliver but for leaders across the business."

Alison Todd, Director of Talent Acquisition, Sky 

Our Partners

The Employee Experience is co-designed and co-created. We greatly appreciate and value our strategic partners around the World. Our current partners include some of the leading consultancies, Universities, event producers, progressive not-for-profit organisations, progressive engagement movements, and HR media in Asia, Europe, and the US.

Like employee experience, we operate on win-win principles.

Our Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners truly put their people and the employee experience first. They are the icon companies leading the way in their respective sectors and have embraced employee experience, both strategically and operationally. This is reflected in engagement scores, internal and external performance, and crucially by employee-led rating mechanisms, and business results. 



As a result, they feature strongly across our work. 

Our Student Partners

 Employee Experience is a long-term and strategic approach to business. It is important that the next generation of leaders within our organisations are equipped to fully practice it. 


All current students of any discipline, anywhere in the World, are welcome to join us. . 


 If you're for employee experience, great workplaces, and the success they deliver, we stand together. 


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