You can't compete with organizations that commit to the Employee Experience 

Our research shows that the intentional design and engineering of a superior employee experience leads to stronger market performance. Simply put, it has become the number one competitive advantage in business and is the best approach to deliver record-breaking engagement and performance levels 

The World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) offers services to organisations that are committed to maximising the strategic advantage of employee experience

“This is a truly significant stage in the history of our awards and will see an organisation that has changed the meaning of what employee experience is join with our event to the benefit of both entrants and judges.


The work the WEEI does in terms of redefining the nature of employment cannot be understated, and we are honored to have the skills and insight of Ben and his colleagues with us on the journey to promote and celebrate the best of employee experience in the UK.”



Neil Skehel, CEO, UK Employee Experience Awards 

"Our engagement score is among the top 25 in the World."
Experience the Difference
  • Endorsed by the World's major organisations, consultancies, and progressive workplace movements


  • Thought-leading insights, cases and research-informed training, talks & advice


  • Proven in Practice™- multi-award-winning people and performance 


  • One of the leading pioneers within employee experience around the World



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Employee Experience





Keynotes & Masterclasses 

Our keynote and masterclass appearances are all about the employee experience. We inspire, inform, and energise our audiences. They are a real experience. 

  • The Employee Experience Journey 

  • Re-engineering the Employee Experience 

  • From HR to Employee Experience- transforming HR professionals into Experience Architects 

  • Employee Experience Excellence- learning from the best to outperform the rest!

  • Employee Experience for MNC's in Asia

  • The Chinese/Asian Employee Experience- Rise of the Asian Expat

  • Senior Team, HR Team, General Managers, Internal Communications, Estates, Facilities, Marketing 

  • 45 minute to 2 hour keynote for conferences

  • 3 hour workshop for a conference or event

  • 1-2 day masterclass

  • Customised to your needs. We work with small groups up to major international conferences.

  • Masterclasses generally limited to 50 people.

Event Producers
  • Ben is the conference chair, keynote, moderator & co-designer of the first major EX conferences in Asia & Europe; reach out to discuss your event and how we can help make it a great success. 

3D Employee Experience™

WEEI offers advisory services that put the 'experience' of employees at the very core. Based on our own in-depth research and award-winning practice, 3D Employee Experience™ provides a compelling set of tools, techniques, and strategies for creating organizations where people belong, find meaning, and co-create astonishing human achievements.   

  • Set the people standard within your context, sector and country to win big, for everyone

  • Develop as an Employee Experience Architect, Strategist, and Leader

  • Deliver Strategic and Operational Employee Experience Excellence

  • Nowhere to world-class is possible. We will show you how.

  • Leverage, connect and utilise the total employee experience as a strategic competitive advantage 

  • Establish an integrated, high value, and authentic employee experience

  • Senior Team, HR Team, General Managers, Internal Communications Team, Estates Team, Facilities Team, Marketing Team 

HR Teams
  • We offer certificated training for HR practitioners, which also includes bespoke elements. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Strategic Employee Experience Advisory 

WEEI provides advisory services to CEO's, c-suite, and service leaders worldwide. 

Advisory Themes
  • Total Employee Experience 

  • HR Experience

  • Customer & Employee Experience 

  • Branding, Marketing, & Comms Experience

  • Performance experience

  • L&D Experience

  • Leadership Experience

  • Physical Infrastructure Experience 

  • Workplace Experience

  • Digital Experience 

  • We advise you about your employee experience and how to get this massive strategic advantage working for you.  From pre-hire to retire, we are your trusted partner, colleague and advisor. 

  • Our focus is usually centred on establishing an employee experience approach within an organisation or taking a good employee experience to an exemplary best-in-class one. 

  • In the background, we also work with organizations currently facing major employee morale, engagement, or performance issues. We GUARANTEE results for clients we accept in this situation. Confidentiality and discretion are crucial. Whatever the situation, we are there to support.  

Employee Experience Research 

The future of HR is about a much closer connection between academia, consulting and the workplace. The WEEI operates as a bridge between our colleagues working on employee experience to produce real and practical results for organizations and the employees of the world. Our worldwide network are extensively linked to these Worlds. We produce thought-leading contributions centred on the employee experience and progressive workplace practices. We are proactively encouraging and supporting an EX research agenda.


  • White papers

  • Journals

  • Practitioner/Academic/Industry collaborations

  • Conference submissions and presentations

  • Empirical EX research work with companies

  • EX Book projects 

Research Work 2017-2020
Employee Experience Advocacy  

Our advocacy work at WEEI is described as thought-leading and compelling by the people and organizations we serve. Our CEO has influenced a direct global audience of over 16 million people. We advocate through our writing, media work, major conference speaking, training, and our work with organizations and partners who are as committed to the employee experience as we are.  

EX Advocacy Work 

  • Contributions to media and publications both digitally and in-print

  • Sponsored case studies with organizations worldwide 

  • In-depth exploration of experiences and articles

  • Aligned and strategic partnerships between the EU, UK, Asia, Australia, China & the US

If you would like to feature Ben Whitter, the World's "Mr Employee Experience" & Founder of WEEI within your work, please contact us.


Ben frequently takes part in interviews, contributions to EX-related articles & features, conference speaking, TV appearances, and internal company EX media contributions. You can view recent contributions here.


“I sought Ben's expertise for an article I was writing on trends in human resources. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, but he was also a fountain of knowledge on the topic. He gave my article a unique angle that no other interviewee had, providing me with in-depth insights into the current and future landscape of HR. I would certainly work with him again; indeed, I hope I do get to work with him again."

Dr Nicola Davies, Features Writer

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