New Partner Joins WEEI

July 9, 2018

The World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) is delighted to announce that Juan Garland has become an official WEEI Partner.  

Juan's professional journey has taken him to very diverse sectors, including service, agro industrial and non profit organizations. Juan has an extensive background in HR and consulting roles and has worked extensively to put humans at the centre of the organization in developing business strategies. 



Juan brings a wealth of experience from Latin America and Peru to benefit colleagues and companies that choose to develop the employee experience by working with WEEI. 


On Latin America, Juan said: 


"Latin America is a vibrant region of the World and I'm not only talking about football (although, I must say, that it is a great experience to be a footbal fan in Latin America!). The GDP has almost tripled in the 2000-2016 period (1) and employee engagement surveys show that, consistently, Latin America ranks in first place compared to the rest of the World (2). But it is a complex region. While these are stimulating indicators, probably Latin America has also the highest inequality, discrimination, urban insecurity, and corruption levels in the world (3)".


On partnering with WEEI, Juan said: 


"It is a privilege to be an HR professional because I have had the opportunity to develop an understanding of the critical issues people face every day, the advantages of diversity, and identifying what moves people beyond a paycheck.


The biggest challenge for Latin America, and Peru in particular, is aligning business objectives with people, and doing it with a long term perspective. I'm certain that the way to move forward in this manner is through Employee Experience.


Many trends have come and gone in HR. But EX is, in my opinion, the most comprehensive development to date, and it is here to stay. Employees worldwide, and particularly what I've seen in Latin America and Peru, seek memorable work experiences, and organizations must enhance those experiences, in order to obtain excellent business outcomes.


That is why I'm excited about this partnership with WEEI, teaming up with Ben Whitter and a great group of professionals seeking to improve EX globally, developing synergies between our profound experience, and implementing actions under WEEI's framework is a great opportunity for business on this side of the World."


Ben Whitter, Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI), said: 


"Juan is a fantastic addition to the WEEI Partner team and his experience will be hugely valuable to our community. This partnership ensures WEEI can support colleagues and companies in Peru and the wider Latin America region. Companies everywhere are now realizing that to get ahead, and stay ahead in business, they need to build and lead in a people-centric way. They can do this through an intentional focus on employee experience; I look forward to working with Juan in Peru and Latin America." 


Editor's Note:

The World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) is a global community of colleagues all working to enhance and elevate the 'experience' of work to unlock and deliver strong business and human outcomes for clients around the World. With shared values, a clear purpose, and experience that is proven in practice, WEEI Partners are at the leading-edge of the employee experience movement worldwide.  



(1) The World Bank Data:


(2) AON Hewitt: 2018 Trends in Global Employee Experience:


(3) Open Democracy: Poverty, inequality and discrimination in Latin America,

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