New Partner Joins WEEI

July 11, 2018

The World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) is delighted to announce that Paul Walker has become an official WEEI Partner.  

Paul's track record has centred on supporting companies to navigate the complexities of implementing a self-managed organization; he has experienced directly what it is like to help develop the World's most famous self-managed company, Zappos. 


Paul's company, Theory Why, works with organizations in Las Vegas and the US, to enhance or reshape the employee experience drawing on the principles of self-management and other innovative practices. 


On Employee Experience, Paul said: 


"Employee experience (EX) is important because it's arguably the most impactful part of life for most people. We spend so much of our time at work that our experiences at work define who we are, how we feel, and how we treat those around us. If you make the employee experience better, you vastly improve people's lives, their relationships, and society as a whole. The fact that it also provides tremendous benefits for the organizations themselves is just the cherry on top."


On partnering with WEEI, Paul said: 


"I believe we can improve the world by improving the employee experience within organizations, and that is exactly the goal of WEEI. WEEI is working to spread this message across the globe through passionate and dedicated individuals, and I am eager to be a part of that community. I want to show companies that you can drastically improve the happiness of employees (thus improving the efficiency of a company) with simple, easy changes."


Ben Whitter, Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI), said: 


"Paul brings a unique set of skills and experiences to WEEI, and his experience of successfully implementing self-management practices is a valuable addition to our community. Committed to improving employee experiences, Paul's human-centred focus aligns very strongly to our core purpose and values. I am pleased to welcome Paul to the team."


Editor's Note:

The World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) is a global community of colleagues all working to enhance and elevate the 'experience' of work to unlock and deliver strong business and human outcomes for clients around the World. With shared values, a clear purpose, and experience that is proven in practice, WEEI Partners are at the leading-edge of the employee experience movement worldwide.  


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