New Partner Joins WEEI

September 20, 2018

The World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) is delighted to announce that Hector Suarez has become an official WEEI Partner. 


Hector is a human resources professional with extensive experience in multinational and national companies from very diverse sectors (automotive, food, consumer goods, logistics, aeronautical services, insurance and consulting). He has been deeply involved in the processes of employee experience, innovation and digital transformation, developing a key role as a facilitator of change. He has solid experience in collective bargaining, people development techniques and he is used to delivering projects across the holistic employee experience both in Spain and internationally.


Discussing the importance of EX, Hector said: 


“While good technology can make life easier, it can’t do all of the work. Once we have laid the groundwork for a positive employee experience -given people the tools and processes they need to effectively get their job done- the rest is down to the humans in the equation.


Employee experience is holistic. It’s not simply about following processes that have been previously laid out. Interactions with employees should be empathetic and thoughtful, regardless of where we are or what we are discussing. The employee experience should be genuine and we should take every opportunity to deliver an excellent experience for all.


If we want a thriving workforce, successful business and happy customers, we need to start with the employees. The way we treat them will have a knock-on effect rippling throughout all business activities. I strongly believe that implementing Employee Experience is enormously rewarding, has a positive boomerang effect, cultivates the good feeling factor at work and generates positive attitude. In a few words, EX is common sense management.


It’s time to examine the employee experience and get started on making positive changes TODAY.


On partnering with WEEI, Hector said:


I am partnering with WEEI to contribute my bit to an avant-garde institution, which has the best know-how, the best practices, delivers the best results and, fundamentally, because WEEI passionately believes in what it does.”


Ben Whitter, Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI), said: 


"Hector is an excellent addition to our WEEI Partner Community. He's committed to advancing the EX movement in Spain and beyond and brings with him many years of high quality experience in HR across multiple sectors. Hector not only shares our global vision for EX, but he is well positioned to translate it into the local context working with clients and partners. I look forward to working with him on our shared mission to elevate the 'experience' of work."


Editor's Note:

The World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) is a global community of colleagues all working to enhance and elevate the 'experience' of work to unlock and deliver strong business outcomes for clients around the World. With shared values, a clear purpose, and experience that is proven in practice, WEEI Partners are at the leading-edge of the employee experience movement worldwide.  

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