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December 11, 2018

The World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) has today announced plans to honour and recognize some of the world’s high impact employee experience (EX) leaders. Every month in 2019, one colleague from the world of EX will be named an ‘EX Hero’ following nomination and an assessment of the available evidence of impact. 


A global initiative, and open for nominations from every corner of the globe, an EX Hero is someone who takes a human-centred approach to business. They dare to be different and challenge the status quo to put people at the centre of their work and business. They are purposeful, inspiring, and innovative. They think and lead in a holistic way to develop strong business, human and community results through the EX.


“This is about recognizing colleagues at the forefront of EX who are making a lasting impact on their organizations, people, and in wider society, by intentionally developing and connecting the EX to deliver stronger outcomes for everyone,” said Ben Whitter, CEO & Founder, WEEI. 


An EX Hero, according to WEEI, can be found in a variety of functions within organizations, and at all levels of a business. Whilst HR and closely related functions are key architects of the EX, the quality and performance of the EX is shared with leadership at all levels.


An EX Hero reflects the way the field is being shaped. They could be leading their people-centric work from a variety of functions, levels, and roles including EX, HR, marketing, facilities/estates, IT/digital, or they can be found leading this focus on experience directly from the C-suite or through exceptional employee-centric leadership within teams. 


What becomes immediately clear when you meet them, says Whitter, is that they are obsessed with people. At strategic and operational levels, they are colleagues who understand and apply deep EX principles in their work. They care about humans and the impact they have. 


“If we are to build world-class organizations with high quality customer experiences, we need to build world-class employee experiences too. An EX Hero embraces this and seeks to elevate the ‘experience’ of work at every touchpoint working with employees.”


Anyone can nominate, at any time, to highlight great work and impact with EX. An EX Hero’s example and impact could serve as inspiration to many others across the global economy and WEEI plans to share this through a variety of channels in 2019. 



Nominate now!





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