WEEI's March Employee Experience Hero Announced!

March 25, 2019

The World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) has today named Lorraine Salloum as its EX Hero for March in recognition of her impact incorporating employee experience (EX) into her work at Achieve Australia, which is a not-for-profit disability services provider. 


WEEI's EX Hero campaign honours colleagues leading the way in defining, designing and delivering high-quality employee experiences and also aims to help others learn from their human-centric example.  


Lorraine has over 20 years of HR, change leadership and operations delivery experience - successfully managing small and large teams in complex organisations with large, diverse and georgraphically dispersed workforces. A champion of culture and purpose for the organisations she has served, Lorraine has designed and delivered compelling workforce strategies and people initiatives across the public and not-for-profit sectors. 

Achieve Australia delivers supported accommodation as well as an array of services such as day programs, respite and disability support services. They also provide employment for almost 300 supported employees with disabilities who work in the organisation's commercial enterprises including a packaging factory and fabric shops. The workforce of over 1,100 people are focused on the organisation's purpose, which is all about social inclusion for people with a disability. 


The Business Case for EX


Lorraine, who is People, Culture & Performance Executive (Chief HR Officer), believes that the focus on employee experience is enabling more employees to have an impact and say about things that are important to them within the design of their workplaces.


"I joined Achieve Australia in September 2018. The employee base at Achieve Australia has tripled in size in less than 2 years. It was apparent that the approach and focus on workforce needed to be overhauled to keep up with the organisation’s growth, business model and workforce changes to adjust to a complex and dynamic disability services sector in Australia. This environment meant the need for an employee experience focused approach had never been greater. It’s not a nice to have, but essential and the benefits for individuals and the organisation are far reaching," said Lorraine.


EX Impact 


Co-creating EX outcomes and accountability with staff has been key to this work. "While it is early days, the impact is starting to make a difference. Staff are feeling heard, processes and initiatives are better setup for success and to meet their outcomes because we have listened, incorporated and included the people who determine its success – our staff. We have focused on what is important to them. We now have more champions in the organisation that are informally leading the introduction of changes that are essential given our changing sector as well as more positive and new ways of working as employees are co-owning the outcomes," said Lorraine. 


Better employee experiences impact positively on clients and help the organisation meet its purpose of social inclusion for people with a disability. "The flow on effect to clients, families and communities cannot be underestimated. Engaged staff will support and advocate for our clients. This makes, not only a better workplace, but also better communities. 


Lorraine's thoughts on being named an EX Hero...


"I have built my career on leading and developing teams that enable human centred, authentic and compelling employee experiences and advocating to boards and leaders the business benefits that come with this. I am passionate about building positive employee experiences that drive client outcomes so am incredibly honoured to be recognised as a EX Hero. Being named an EX Hero tells me I am playing my part in making a difference to enable better and positive workplaces which is very important to me."


Ben Whitter, Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI), said: 


"Lorraine is really making a positive impact with EX at Achieve Australia. This is a community organisation that is embracing employee experience and what a difference it is making. The depth and breadth of co-creation is excellent and a great example to others across and beyond the not-for-profit sector. Lorraine is also a tremendous ambassador and advocate for EX in Australia so I'm really happy we can highlight her work and contribution to the field." 





Interested in hearing the what and the how of EX directly from Lorraine? Join us for a special edition of EX Waves- The Employee Experience Podcast in March to discuss her career and work in EX. Don't miss it!



Editor's Note:

The World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) is a global community of colleagues all working to enhance and elevate the 'experience' of work to unlock and deliver strong outcomes for people and organizations around the World. With shared values, a clear purpose, and experience that is proven in practice, WEEI is at the leading-edge of the employee experience movement worldwide.  

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